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Two Fatalities in Japan Linked to Pokémon Go

Two people in Japan have been killed in separate Pokémon Go-related accidents, the first of their kind in the country. Both incidents involve drivers hitting pedestrians ...

3 hours ago

Opera Browser Accounts Hacked

Are you an Opera user and had issues logging into Opera Sync account? Well, now we know why. The company has revealed that its servers were breached by hackers and that ...

4 hours ago

Report – Nintendo NX has 6.2-Inch 720p Multi-Touch Screen

Since Nintendo is yet to officially unveil its new console, the NX, the resulting vacuum means that we have to rely on insider reports for information. Recent reports ...

4 hours ago

Game of Thrones Composer Joins Gears of War 4 Team

It looks like the hype train just kicked up a gear for the new Gears of War title, as the team hired the now well-known and talented composer Ramin Djawadi to do the ...

9 hours ago

Earth-Like Planet Found Orbiting Nearest Star

Astrophysicists have discovered an Earth-like planet, capable of supporting life as we know it, orbiting the nearest star to our Solar system. The planet, dubbed ...

10 hours ago

Microsoft – Scorpio the “Most Powerful Console Ever Created”

A Microsoft executive has branded the forthcoming Scorpio – a revision of the Xbox One hardware with more processing power, 4K output, and virtual reality support – ...

10 hours ago

XFX Releases First Fanless AMD RX 460

In recent years, many graphics card manufacturers have introduced so-called silent modes or 0dB operating modes. This allows the card to turn off its fans when it's ...

11 hours ago
No Man's Sky Release Date and Minimum Requirements Revealed (1)

Been Naming Animals in No Man’s Sky? Don’t Bother!

Many people have been plowing hours into No Man's Sky since it launched, and some have been flipping tables calling the game a big let down. Personally, I love it, but I ...

1 day ago

Corsair Launch Full New Range of LUX Mechanical Keyboards

Corsair already make many of the most popular and best performing keyboards on the market, and that's one lead they are not letting up on. Today, Corsair announced the ...

1 day ago
solitaire google search

Play Solitaire and Tic-Tac-Toe in Google’s Search Results

Those of you who spend a lot of time in front of a computer probably procrastinate from time to time, and even though some choose to enjoy their little "breaks" by ...

1 day ago
PCIe 4.0 1

Initial Reported PCI-Express 4.0 Power Capabilities Sadly Wrong

A few days ago we reported about the upcoming PCI-Express 4.0 capabilities that promised double the bandwidth of PCI-Express 3.0, but what most people got excited about ...

1 day ago

Antec GX1200 Mid-Tower Gaming Chassis Review

Introduction The mid-budget PC chassis market is packed full of great options for any system builder out there, but finding the one that is best suited to your ...

1 day ago

Sapphire Release TriXX 6.0.0 GPU Utility

Sapphire TriXX is one of the easiest to use GPU overclocking tools on the market, and today sees Sapphire updating their popular software to version 6.0.0. The latest ...

1 day ago
duke nukem 3d remastered (6)

Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour Screenshots Surface

In order to mark the anniversary of one of the world's most iconic shooters, Gearbox has recently added a countdown timer on Duke Nukem's official website, and it looked ...

1 day ago

Enjoy Your Own Modular Robot – CellRobot!

Robotics have come a long way from the days in which we imagined a machine helping someone walk. Now not only are machines helping people walk, they are giving limbs back ...

1 day ago
Playstation Now

Enjoy PlayStation Now Games on PC

Typically a user chooses their gaming platform based on several factors, from the hardware it contains to the exclusives that will take up days of their lives, a single ...

1 day ago
SilverStone TS433-TB (1)

SilverStone Releases 4-Bay Dual-Thunderbolt 2 RAID Enclosure

While NAS setups are the way most people go for their external storage needs, DAS (Direct Attached Storage) does have its benefits despite not having their own network ...

2 days ago

Arozzi Reveal Arena Gaming Desk

We've all seen the current trend for gaming chairs, I'm even sitting in an Arozzi chair right now! But the "gaming desk" market is something that doesn't come up a lot, ...

2 days ago

Rick & Morty Co-Creator Launches ‘Squanchtendo’ Game Studio

Are you eagerly awaiting the 3rd season of Rick & Morty? We know we are! However, while the team is no doubt busy on that project, it seems they're branding out, as ...

2 days ago
domino's drone

Domino’s Begins Drone Pizza Delivery Tests

Recognising the fact that pizza cannot get into a person’s mouth fast enough, Domino’s is to begin trialling drone delivery of its takeaway food via flying drones in ...

2 days ago
microsoft windows 10

Now Kindles Are Crashing Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The list of things that break the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is getting longer by the day. The update only launched for regular users a few weeks ago, but already users ...

2 days ago
deus ex mankind

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided DLC “Consumables” Usable Only Once

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided fans are angry that the free “consumable” items – like ammo, credits, or crafting parts – gifted to them for their pre-orders are usable ...

2 days ago
mass effect

Mass Effect Trilogy to be Remastered?

While we await more information about the next game in BioWare's Mass Effect series – Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is expected for release in 2017 – an EA executive ...

2 days ago
facebook video

Facebook Bringing Sound to Autoplay Videos

Facebook is testing playing sound on its autoplay videos. While autoplay videos have been a fixture on Facebook for some time, the sound has been muted until the user ...

2 days ago
Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat XL Coming to PC!

When Mortal Kombat XL was announced for the first time as a console exclusive, it upset quite a few PC gamers, and rightfully so considering that the Mortal Kombat ...

2 days ago