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Pokémon Go Player Shot During Magikarp Hunt

We've heard of quite a few incidents now where Pokémon Go players have been put at risk. Now it seems like it's gone one step further with a Pokémon player getting ...

2 hours ago

Patriot Viper 4 and Elite Memory Kits Now Available in 3733MHz

Patriot is a leading manufacturer of high-performance memory modules and won a host of industry awards. The company's stringent selection of premium ICs enables them to ...

7 hours ago
time commanders

BBC Re-Launches Total War-Powered Game Show

BBC game show Time Commanders, which used a Total War-inspired game engine to allow competitors to re-enact historic battles, is returning for a third series after an ...

8 hours ago

Crucial Increase MX300 Capacity and Form Factor Options

Micron and Crucial launched the MX300 solid state drive in a limited edition a little while ago, you might remember our review of the 750GB model. And that was kind of the ...

8 hours ago

Nintendo NX Secrets Revealed?

A number of sources have leaked details of Nintendo’s mysterious NX console, which is set for release next year. According to Eurogamer, more than one insider has ...

9 hours ago
prime air

Amazon Drone Delivery Could Debut in the UK

Amazon Prime Air, the company’s proposed drone delivery service, could be coming to the UK first. While Amazon has struggled to get the US Federal Aviation ...

10 hours ago
gta v

This GTA V Mod Takes Photorealism to a Whole New Level

It's true that not all games were designed with photorealism in mind, but Grand Theft Auto V is definitely as realistic as they come, especially as far as animations and ...

10 hours ago
star citizen screenshots (5)

New Details Emerge about Star Citizen Version 2.7

They say that good things come to those who wait, and the creators of Star Citizen are definitely taking their time with this awesome upcoming space-sim. Powered by ...

11 hours ago
Smog Free Tower

Beijing Could Get 23-Foot Air Purifiers

Beijing may be a great city for many things but the air is a little less than desirable for many. With many screens and sensors reading data all around the city to alert ...

11 hours ago

Smart Stitches Tell You How Much You’ve Healed

When it comes to technology and medicine they go hand in hand. From the concept of being able to heal people from the inside out to giving people the ability to walk ...

12 hours ago
Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is the latest Forum to be Hacked

With an increase in the number of people interested in playing games on the go, mobile gaming has all but risen in the past year as more and more people fill their spare ...

13 hours ago
3D movies

MIT Created 3D Movies Without the Glasses

When it comes to movies and technology we are constantly looking at bigger and better ways to enjoy our films. From comfortable seats in the cinema to the latest ...

14 hours ago

Tesoro Excalibur RGB Mechnical Gaming Keyboard Winner!

After a few long weeks, I'm sure many of our readers new and old are chewing their fingers waiting for the winner of our latest competition, but wait no more, as the ...

14 hours ago

Europol Wants to Track and Handle Ransomware

When it comes to viruses and malware, ransomware is one of the nastier versions. Taking people's prized memories and work with approaching deadlines, the ransomware often ...

14 hours ago
justice league

First Justice League Footage Emerges

Following the critical mauling of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, anticipation for DC Comics’ next cinematic outing, Justice League, seems to have waned. In an ...

15 hours ago
Gigabyte GTX 1060 G1 GAMING

Gigabyte Launches Slew of GTX 1060 Graphics Cards

With Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 cards already out in force, Gigabyte has decided to up the ante with 4 new releases today. The new models span the gamut of budget all the way ...

15 hours ago
AMD RX 470 Polaris 10

AMD RX 470 and RX 460 Launch Dates Leaked

Over the next month or so, both Nvidia and AMD will be launching a number of highly anticipated graphics cards. While Nvidia is focusing on the high-end with the new ...

16 hours ago
AMD Radeon WX 7100

AMD Reveals New Polaris Radeon Pro GPUs

So far, all of the Polaris graphics cards we've seen released from AMD have been consumer focused. Now, at their new Capsaicin today, AMD has unveiled their new Polaris ...

16 hours ago
tim sweeney

Epic Games Founder Launches Fresh Assault on Microsoft

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has taken a swipe at Microsoft over its Universal Windows Platform (UWP) initiative, accusing the company of attempting to lock out ...

17 hours ago
AMD Radeon Pro SSG

AMD Unveils $9,999 Radeon Pro SSG Graphics Card

During today's new Capsaicin event, AMD had a number of new things to show off, mostly on the professional side of things. One of the new graphics cards launched under the ...

17 hours ago
nvidia quadro

NVIDIA Unveils Mighty Pascal Quadro Range

Hot on the heels of its 10-Series graphics cards, which culminated with the incredible Titan X, NVIDIA has revealed its new Pascal-based Quadro range. The two new cards in ...

17 hours ago
world of warcraft legion

WoW Vulnerability Could Let People Rob You Without You Knowing

There's a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with playing MMOs, whether it's your top-of-the-line gear from the hardest raids or piles of gold you earned through ...

1 day ago
MSI Radeon RX 480 GAMING X 8GB Pictures Surface (2)

MSI Radeon RX 480 GAMING Coming Next Month?

AMD's RX 480 graphics card has been out for some time now and despite it originally launching with only a reference design, many manufacturers have been getting to work on ...

1 day ago

AMD’s New FirePro Drivers Offers Huge Performance Gains

AMD's FirePro graphics cards are deployed in workstation environments and server-based applications. This includes Computer-Aided Design, Digital Content Creation and ...

1 day ago
sapphire rx 470 (2)

Sapphire Radeon RX 470 Platinum Edition Looks Awesome!

It's true that the Radeon RX 470 is not exactly a powerhouse by today's standards, but it's definitely not too far behind the RX 480 in terms of performance, at least on ...

2 days ago