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Nintendo Removes Game That Gave Hackers Access to 3DS

We all love our games, be it from big developers like EA games or the little ones that you only ever get the single game from. In recent years, Indie developers have ...

2 hours ago
opera vpn

Opera’s Built-In Ad-Blocker Now Live

Not too long ago, the Opera browser has received native ad-blocking features that were made available to developers. From the looks of it, the testing sessions for this ...

3 hours ago
dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 Release Date Confirmed!

The first Dishonored was a fantastic game, no doubt about it, which is why it received several nominations for the prestigious "Game of the Year" award in 2012. We ...

3 hours ago

Microsoft Hololens Specification Revealed

Microsoft's Hololens has captured the imagination of technology enthusiasts and showcased the enthralling experiences we can expect to enjoy in the future. While it's not ...

4 hours ago

Shuttle Displays The New SZ170R8 Mini PC

Shuttle is one of the most iconic names when it comes to barebone PCs and really helped to progress the notion of small form-factor systems. The company's latest model ...

5 hours ago

ASUS Announces The PCE-AC88 PCIe Wireless Adapter

ASUS already has a huge product library which spans across various departments including graphics cards, motherboards, peripherals, networking and much more. Their latest ...

5 hours ago

Samsung’s Smart Home Vulnerabilities Give Keys to Hackers

Connected technology makes life easier for everyone, being able to talk to friends from your watch or call your car to drive up and pick you up from the side of the road. ...

6 hours ago
Nvidia Samsung Patent Lawsuit Settlement Deal

Nvidia and Samsung Settle All Patent Disputes

For the last few years, IP and patent wars have waged nearly unabated. Nearly two years ago, Nvidia kicked off a patent infringement case against Samsung and Qualcomm. The ...

7 hours ago

Google DeepMind to Study Millions of NHS Records

When it comes to our information we are all pretty protective. Even when we give it out online, many use alternative accounts and email addresses in order to protect ...

7 hours ago

Star Wars Holochess Creator Hits Kickstarter to Fund New Game

When it comes to sci-fi games, there are a few that shine as iconic around the world. The 3D chess that featured in Star Trek and another variation of chess made famous by ...

8 hours ago

10 Year Old Hacks Instagram – Gets $10,000 Reward!

When it comes to social media, thousands of people use Instagram is used all over by hundreds who share pictures and videos with anyone from their immediate family to ...

9 hours ago

8Pack Unleashes The Lian Li D888WX Chassis

Ian Parry is a lot better known by his nickname 8Pack and it isn't without a reason that he is well known in the tech world. Not only is he one of the best overclockers ...

9 hours ago
OCZ RevoDrive 400 NVMe SSD M2

OCZ RevoDrive 400 NVMe SSD Listings Appear Online

After teasing us with the drive 8 months ago, it looks like OCZ is finally getting ready to launch their RevoDrive 400 SSD. Announced back in September of 2015, the ...

10 hours ago
Intel i7 6850K  Broadwell E 1

Intel Broadwell-E Core i7-6850K Benchmarks Leaked

With Broadwell-E listings and CPUs popping up left and right, benchmarks would inevitably leak out. For the last week, Broadwell-E engineering samples have been selling on ...

11 hours ago

Gigabyte X170-Extreme ECC (Intel C236) Motherboard Review

Introduction, Specifications, and Packaging Gigabyte released some great motherboards over the years, in fact, I own several myself, and this new X170-Extreme ECC ...

12 hours ago
tesla bioweapon

Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode Could Add Years to Your Life

Yes, Tesla Motors really has introduced a feature in its cars called “Bioweapon Defense Mode”, because founder and CEO Elon Musk is apparently terrified that, should ...

1 day ago
mclaren laptop

McLaren Needs 20-Year-Old Laptop to Run its F1 Cars

Supercar maker McLaren – creator of the F1, the former fastest production car in the world – is lauded for its advanced automotive engineering, which it has applied to ...

1 day ago
mini brain

Student’s 3D-Printed Mini-Brains Could Help Topple Zika Virus

While Zika, the mosquito-spread virus, slowly spreads across parts of the Southern Hemisphere, the key to a cure may lie in the work of a then-16-year-old high school ...

1 day ago

Crucial Launches The Ballistix Sport LT Red DDR4 Memory

Crucial is one of the most iconic names when it comes to DRAM and has a rich pedigree in this field. Throughout the years, they've forged a superb reputation for creating ...

1 day ago

ADATA Launches XPG Dazzle LED DDR4 Memory

ADATA is one of the industry's leading manufacturers of high-performance DRAM modules and often designs products with a unique aesthetic design. Their latest creation ...

1 day ago
NCIX Tech Fair 2016 OSVR 2

eTeknix @ NCIX Tech Fair 2016 VR Showcase

NCIX Tech Fair 2016: To celebrate 20 years in the business, US and Canada tech retailer NCIX hosted their Tech Fair 2016 over the weekend. As expected of any Tech Fair, ...

1 day ago

NVIDIA Releases 365.10 Game Ready Drivers

NVIDIA has just released their latest 365.10 WHQL Game Ready drivers which include a number of bug fixes and optimisations for upcoming games. More specifically, the ...

1 day ago
NCIX Tech Fair 2016 Nvidia ASUS

eTeknix @ NCIX Tech Fair 2016 – 21:9 and Drones

NCIX Tech Fair 2016: While VR is taking up a big chunk of tech talk these days, they aren't the only thing that's new. One of the major themes I saw during the event was ...

1 day ago
Nintendo NX Console

Nintendo Won’t Sell NX at Loss

With the Nintendo NX confirmed for March next year, the rumours have turned their focus to the specifications. So far, rumours have pointed to a decently strong console ...

1 day ago
artificial Mountain

How To Create Water In The Desert – Create An Artificial Mountain

When it comes to water, desert countries suffer because of the flat terrain that often stretches beyond your sight. With no elevated terrain clouds and rain are scarce, ...

1 day ago